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 FIBRE/YARN TESTING EQUIPMENTS  generally used in jute mills are:
1.Modern fibre testing instruments viz., high/medium/low volume instrument for checking length, strength, micronnaire, maturity, trash, color etc.
2.Eveness tester.
3.Yarn fault classification equipment, viz, classimat, classidata etc.
4.Equipments for testing neps, length, diameter, maturity, trash, viz, AFIS/FILE, advance fibre information system, rapid tester, etc.
5.Single yarn tenacity tester, viz.tensorapid, statimat, tensomax, etc.
6.Tenacity / fibre crimp measurement instrument, viz., fevimat, etc
7.Modern yarn testing equipment, viz., twist tester, hairiness tester, tension tester, co-efficient of friction tester, etc.
8.Moisture tester
9.Packing density tester.
10.High precision weighing balance.



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Drawing &   Doubling, Spinning, winding, Beaming/Dressing

Weaving, Damping & Calendering, Lapping,  Cutting etc.

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