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Productivity Improvement in Jute Industry Report- IIT, Kharagpur 2002 :

The Jute Manufactures Development Council (JMDC) and the Ministry of Textiles, government of India asked the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management of I.I.T Kharagpur to carry out a comprehensive study and suggest strategies for Improvement of productivity in the jute industry in the year 1999.  The terms of reference indicated by JMDC included the following :

  1. Assessment of the present productivity of labour and formulation of a strategy for its improvement.

  2. Assessment of the productivity of equipment and machinery/technology and formaulation of a strategy for improving the same.

  3. Assessment of the various performance parameters, e.g. resource efficiency, energy efficiency, wastage norms etc. and formulation of a strategy for improving them.

A study team of six faculty members of the department of Industrial engineering and Management visited 8 different jute mills.  The team detailed data of actual production, equipment and machinery, technology adopted, conservation of energy, maintenance practices etc.. The data collected from 8 jute mills were analysed using industrial engineering techniques and statistical method.  Machine utilization is calculate using the formula.

                                    Average number of machine used/shift
Machine utilization =  ----------------------------------------------
                                     Number of machine installed

Jute  Processing Chart

Selection,  Softening  &  Piling,  Carding

Drawing &   Doubling, Spinning, winding, Beaming/Dressing

Weaving, Damping & Calendering, Lapping,  Cutting etc.

UNDP and Govt. of India - National Jute Development Program

Productivity Improvement in Jute Industry - Report by I. I. T Kharagpur, 2000

Rice Bran Oil (RBO) Technology - Food Grade Bags

Jute Composites

The team carried the detailed study of the entire process of manufacture, analysed the different operations and proposed better method and made recommendations for improvement.

The analysis of actual production and productivity figures provided by the selected 8 jute mills were sent to IJMA and IJIRA for suggesting better method.  The study team conducted.

Advance Jute Testing Equipment

Research in Jute Related Fields



The IIT study team carried out the detail study in the selected jute mills covered the areas :

  • Detailed study of processes employed for the production of sacks and hessian in jute mills. The team studied the various operations involved in jute processing as :
    Selection, Softning, Pileing, Carding, Drawing, Spinning, Winding, Beaming, Weaving, Damping, Calendering, Cutting, Sewing etc..

  • Various technologies adopted by jute mills.

  • Maintenance of equipment and machines adopted in jute mills.

  • Effective use and conversation of energy followed by jute mills.

The study team noted recommendations for improvement in the areas of labour productivity, technology, maintenance practices and machinery and equipment productivity and utilization of energy in its report.
In the end of the report specific recommendation and strategy formulation were written for the improvement of productivity of machinery/equipment and technology, management practice and labour management relations production planning and training and motivations of workers.



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