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Jute Weaving, Damping And Calendaring






Weaving :

Weaving is a process of interlacement of two series of threads called "wrap" and "weft" yarns to produce the fabric of desired quality.  There are separate looms for hessian and sacking in weaving section.  The Hessian looms, shuttle which contents cops (weft yarn) is manually changed.  The sacking looms are equipped with eco-loader to load a cop automatically into the shuttle.


Jute  Processing Chart


Selection,  Softening  &  Piling,  Carding


Drawing &   Doubling, Spinning, winding, Beaming/Dressing


Weaving, Damping & Calendering, Lapping,  Cutting etc.


UNDP and Govt. of India
 -National Jute 
Development Program

  Productivity Improvement in Jute Industry - Report by I. I. T Kharagpur, 2000    

Dumping :

Dumping is the process in which the rolled woven cloth is unrolled and water is sprinkled on it continuously to provide desired moisture.  Each roll is generally104 yards or 95.976 meters.  Damping is done manually.

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Calendering :

Calendering is a process similar to ironing of fabric.  After damping the damped fabric passes through pairs of heavy rollers rendering threads in fabric flattened and improve the quality and appearance.


Lapping :

Lapping is the process in which Hessian fabrics are folded into the required size used in "Bale press" operation on the lapping machine.


Cutting is the process where the sacking cloth is cut to the required length for making bags for different size such as A-Twill bags and B-twill bags of 100 kg capacity.




Hemming :

In Hemming process, the raw edges of sacking cloth cut pieces are shown by folding it with sewing machine.

Herackele Sewing :

In Herackele sewing the sides of sacking cloth cut pieces are shown to make a complete bag.

Bailing :

Bags or Bale processing cloths are pressed compactly according to buyers need.



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